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The step-by-step video course helping you book more gigs for your band
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"I highly recommend Matt Fripp's excellent online course on booking more gigs. Better than expected, excellent bang for the buck. Logical methodology. Live sessions. Thanks, man.

- Chuck Wansley, American vocalist


If you know you’re making great music, but are getting too many rejections (or worse, ignored) by festivals & venues, it can be pretty frustrating.

Maybe you're not sure which promoters you should be trying to reach, what you should be sending them or whether there are other things you can do to get them to take notice....

(This can be true even if you've already had some success with getting gigs: there are a lot of gigs out there internationally!)

Wherever you're at right now, How To Get More Jazz Gigs is a step-by-step video course designed to help you figure out how to book more gigs for your project - with feedback & support from a European jazz booking agent.

"The course has injected an incredible energy and momentum into my day to day and I'm already seeing the results."

- Dario Napoli, jazz guitarist (Italy)


I work as a booking agent & manager for an international roster of jazz artists, but I started out as a jazz musician, just like you.

For the first few months working as a booking agent, back in 2010, I still considered myself primarily a musician. And yet, within 12 months, I was confirming more 100+ international jazz gigs a year. (I booked my 1,500th gig a while back🍾)

There were 3 main things that helped me to do that:

1. Learning how to find out which promoters were interested in each of my projects
2. Figuring our how to contact them and what to say or write
3. Getting feedback & advice from more experienced agents and managers

I put this course together to give you access to all 3 of these things. The first two via the video lessons & resources and the third by providing you with 1-to-1 feedback and being available to answer all your questions - directly and personally - as you go through the sections.

I know: you're a musician, not a booking agent! You spent years learning how to play, not manage your career...

But you also know that there are many more great bands in the world than booking agents.

So if you want to get more gigs for your project right now (instead of waiting around for someone to do it for you), the surest way is to learn how to book gigs for yourself as effectively as possible.

As long as you're taking care of making killer music, this course will help you to figure out which festivals and venues you should be playing at and how you can start making better progress with booking gigs.

Sneak peek inside the course

Here's a look at what you can find inside, once you've registered...

"My gigs and visibility have increased significantly in my home town of Chicago (at least 3-4 gigs a month!), and I know that the knowledge I've gained from him will help me to develop an even larger platform for my music in years to come."

- Michele Thomas, Jazz singer, Chicago (USA)


As an agent, I get contacted by at least 5 great jazz musicians looking for representation each week. Clubs and festival promoters receive many more!

The frustrating thing is that so many of these musicians aren't doing it as effectively as they could be...

- Contacting agencies & promoters who don't work with their sort of music
- Copy/paste messages or generic newsletters
- Long rambling emails
- Unclear descriptions of what they’re doing
- Contacting the wrong person (info@...)
- Uncertainty of what they are actually looking for
- Promo materials that don’t quickly & simply describe the music…

- Too early or late for the programming team

If these pitches are ending up in the inbox of a festival promoter who's getting 50+ new proposals a DAY, I'm pretty sure a lot are getting deleted before even being heard...


Almost 60% of artists booked at festivals and venues DO NOT HAVE A BOOKING AGENT!
Source: 2017 Jazzfuel International promoter survey

If you're not getting as many shows you think you should be, this course will help you figure out how you can be one of the many independent artists who do get offers from clubs & festivals.


It’s certainly not something only available to agents with huge databases and personal connections. You just need to use the right strategies to figure out which promoters around the world will be open to your project and then learn the best ways to reach them and get them interested.

This course will take you through each of these steps, in detail, so you have a clear plan for how to get better results in the coming months and years.


Since launching in early autumn last year, more than 75 musicians from around the world have been working through the course lessons and getting 1-to1 feedback from me via Facebook, Skype and the course forum.


(I recently hosted an anonymous survey for the participants...)

The average rating for the feedback given during the course was 95%

92% said the level of detail in the lessons was GREAT

100% said they would recommend the course to other jazz musicians they knew

80%: Average score for the question "do you feel more confident about booking gigs in the next 6-9 months?"

"In an industry that can sometimes feel held together by a few influential gate keepers, Matt Fripp helps to break down the barriers and offers an opportunity to help up and coming musicians and bands navigate their path through the daunting task of promoting their music and playing at more gigs and festivals.

My band have already had new festival and gig offers come through off the back of taking this course. It's such a rare and refreshing resource and I can’t recommend this enough!"

- Aaron Wheeler, Lydian Collective

Thanks to Matt's advice, my project averaged a gig a week in 2017 and 2018 is looking set to be even better!"

- Andrew Neil Hayes, Run Logan Run (UK)

"I've been working with other music biz experts over the past few years, but I had yet to find anyone who had more in depth knowledge about building a career in jazz music.

But after working with Matt I now realize there is someone out there listening to "us" (jazz musicians) and he's created course material that's relevant to what jazz musicians need to grow their careers in a real and applicable way.

I'm really grateful to have come across Matt's program because over the past year my gigs and visibility have increased significantly in my home town of Chicago (at least 3-4 gigs a month!), and I know that the knowledge I've gained from him will help me to develop an even larger platform for my music in years to come."

- Michele Thomas, Jazz singer - Chicago, USA


20+ video lessons where I’ll talk you through the specific ideas and methods, step-by-step

Screencasts from my computer so you can see exactly how I use these resources to book gigs

Keynote slides to share the ideas that I’ve used at conferences and workshops around Europe over the last 2 years

Downloadable templates & guides which will help you:

- Pitch to promoters via email more effectively
- Build a list of the best venues & festivals for your project
- Put together a killer 1-sheet
- Keep track of your personal network (I’ll explain why this is super important!)
- Focus on the key festivals (with websites)

Live feedback via the comments sections. You ask any questions or share examples with me there and I’ll give tips and solutions.

Private Facebook group access – we have a private online community for anyone who is part of the course. I share extra tips, videos & real-life examples of emails I’m sending & receiving and you can share things with me or the other musicians there for extra feedback.

All this, to help you get a clear and effective plan for booking more gigs for your project in 2018 and beyond. You'll learn about:

β†ͺ Figuring out the 'right' promoters for your project
β†ͺ Hunting down their contact details!
β†ͺ How to contact promoters to grab attention & get replies
β†ͺ Who the other people are that can help you develop your career
β†ͺ How to present your project most effectively
β†ͺ The different types of gigs out there
How to create more 'news' to grab attention from festival promoters

The lessons (some of which have already been presented at international conferences & masterclasses around Europe) are broken down into short sections so you can spread out the content over days, weeks or months - as you want.



Based on the 1st two editions of the course, I'm including the following bonuses for this 3rd edition:

BONUS #1 – Industry Guests

I have lined up 3 international jazz promoters who will take part in a live Q&A session inside for course students, talking about how they discover new artists and advice on how you can pitch better.

BONUS #2 – Let’s chat

30 minute 1-to1 session for us to discuss your progress and questions from the course and how you, specifically, can make even more progress with your booking goals. Use anytime during 2018.

BONUS #3 – Refining your pitching emails

How you write to festivals and venues for the 1st time can make a massive difference to whether they even listen to your music or not. Once you’ve completed the section on how to pitch to promoters, send me a copy of your email(s) and I’ll give feedback and rewrite it, from an agents perspective.

DECISION TIME: Ready to try and book your project like an agent?

If you want something different for your project in 2018, you probably need to do something different.

If your booking efforts so far haven’t been giving you the results you want, putting more time into the same methods won’t necessarily make a difference. You need to change the way you’re approaching this to see completely new results.

Registration for this course is open now until the 1st July and, once you join, you have lifetime access.

You can β€˜enrol’ now via the button at the bottom of this page and start working through the content as soon (or as late) as you want.

See you on the inside!

IMPORTANT: Booking gigs comes down to making great music and promoting it, consistently, in the right ways. The methods described in this course have been successfully used on a wide range of jazz artists over the last 9 years and are things I continue to do today in my agency & management work.

I'm confident that following the suggestions in this course will help you to make progress in your career (hence the 30 day money back guarantee) but can make no guarantee that you will see results, just from passing through the lessons and trying the strategies.

Music is very much down to personal taste so it's ultimately your responsibility to firstly be making music that excites and interests the right promoters and then putting in consistent effort on the 'business' side to really find success. Booking gigs is not quick or easy, but you can do it with the right effort and the right plan!

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Your Instructor

Matt Fripp
Matt Fripp

Matt has worked as a booking agent & manager for jazz musicians for 9 years, booking more than 1,500 concerts at festivals and venues around the world.

The tips, tools & advice shared via Jazzfuel.com are for helping jazz musicians to build their careers and get more jazz gigs.

This course takes things a step further with in-depth resources and 1-to-1 and small-group support for professional self-booking jazz musicians.

Questions? Email via matt(at)jazzfuel.com

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Will promoters really book musicians directly?
I can't speak for every promoter out there, but everything I've seen, heard & experienced points to YES. Just look around at festival and club programmes and you'll see for yourself. And don't forget the statistic from the 2017 Jazzfuel promoter survey (which included some of the biggest festivals in the world): On average, 57% of artists on a programme are booked directly, without an agent or manager.
How much time will I need to do this course?
Most of the video lessons are less than 5 minutes long and can be watched on your mobile phone (even whilst you're on the move). The key - like with practicing music - is regular work on the ideas and tasks that they describe, with a few more in-depth sessions from time to time. Depending on how quickly you want to progress, 1 hour per week should be enough to see some good results.
When does the course start and finish?
This course is open for registration now until the 1st July 2018. Once you join, you have LIFETIME ACCESS. It's a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
I designed this course because I honestly think I can help you book more gigs! If you're not happy with it for any reason, contact me anytime within the first 30 days and I'll give you a full refund.
Shouldn't I just spend my time trying to get an agent?
You could... But everything in my personal experience - and from talking to musicians who book their own gigs - suggests that putting these strategies into action yourself is the surest way to see results. And, don't forget: one of the best ways to get a booking agent really interested is to show that there is demand and a gigging history for your project...
Can I get feedback whilst working through the course?
Yes - there are comments sections at the end of most lessons where you can ask questions and share results. I will be monitoring these to offer extra tips and help. I've also included a bonus 1-to-1 Skype session which you can use anytime in 2018.

This course is not open for enrollment.

Sneak peek inside the course

Here's a look at what you can find inside, once you've registered...

Featuring the 100% Money-Back Guarantee

I designed this course because I honestly think I can help you book more gigs! I can be pretty sure about this as, not only have I put all my best strategies into the course, I'm on hand for a 1-to-1 session as well as live feedback whenever you need. However, if you're not happy with the course for any reason, contact me anytime within the first 30 days and I'll give you a full refund, I promise.

"The course organises the most important aspects of booking into a very easy to follow schedule, which will enable you acquire everything you need to book more gigs. Thanks to Matt's advice, my project averaged a gig a week in 2017 and 2018 is looking set to be even better!"

- Andrew Neil Hayes, Run Logan Run