"Getting reviews for my next album is the big goal, but I'm not sure exactly how..."

As you might know, Jazzfuel is run by a European jazz booking agent and manager.

So, until 3 years ago, we'd never pitched albums for press coverage.

We also had the feeling that journalists only really looked at emails from publicists that they'd known for many years...

But given the financial constraints on many [brilliant] independent jazz musicians, we thought we'd see if we could get results ourselves for this.

"I have the feeling journalists only reply to publicists"

Fast-forward to today and we've secured more than 700 pieces of press coverage in more than 20 countries for 50+ album releases.

That's with:

  • no previous database of contacts
  • no reputation as a publicity company
  • no 'big name' releases

We did this by coming up with a simple but effective system for getting the best results in the shortest amount of time...

If you're looking to get your upcoming release reviewed but don't have the budget to hire a publicist in all the key countries, this 25-page guide will help you do just that.

What's included?

This 25 page eBook which explains - with real screenshot examples from our inbox - how we used a 3-step pitching email sequence to generate more than 700 reviews in three years...

Specifically, it includes:

  • 25 pages of tips
  • 10 case studies
  • Real life examples to copy
  • checklist for writing your pitching emails
  • plan for how to time your emails

Ready to send better pitching emails?